Bats in the diet of owls from the Russian Far East, southern Sikhote Alin.
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Borissiak Paleontological Institute RAS, Profsouznaya str. 123, Moscow, Russia, 117997
Lazovsky State Nature Reserve, Centralnaya str. 56, Lazo, Primorskii Region, Russia, 692890
Publication date: 2010-09-24
Hystrix It. J. Mamm. 2011;22(1)
The pellets and nesting litter of six owl species from Southern Sikhote Alin were examined for bat remains. Bubo bubo, Asio otus, A. flammeus and Strix uralensis were found to prey occasionally on bats. Remains of four bat species - Vespertilio murinus, Murina hilgendorfi, M. ussuriensis and Myotis cfr. petax were found. Owls preyed on bats more frequently in autumn and spring, during seasonal migrations of bats and when young animals are probably more abundant.
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