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Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy is a peer reviewed journal that accepts papers in basic and applied mammalogy on living and fossil mammals, with special reference to biology, ecology, systematics, conservation, management and ecology of diseases.

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Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy is published by Associazione Teriologica Italiana, and publishes papers concerning mammals, with special reference to biology, systematics, conservation, management and ecology.
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Book Review: Stefan Bosch and Peter W.W. Lurz. The Eurasian Red Squirrel

An excellent and complete monograph of the biology and ecology of the Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), in which the authors have consulted and reported nearly all the existing scientific literature up to date.  
Posted: 2012-11-05 More...

Book Review: Sandro Lovari. L’enigma delle pecore blu. L’altra faccia della zoologia

Questo libro è il diario di campo di Sandro Lovari, ricco di aneddoti e avvenimenti talvolta esaltanti, talvolta drammatici, intercalati alle osservazioni di campo su diverse specie, tra cui il goral (parente asiatico del camoscio), il tahr (un caprino) e il bharal (pecora blu).  
Posted: 2012-11-05 More...

News: Best Paper Award

Associazione Teriologica Italiana established a 500 EUR Best Paper Award for young researchers.  
Posted: 2012-08-07 More...
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Vol 25, No 1 (2014)

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Table of Contents


Surveillance, monitoring and surveys of wildlife diseases: a public health and conservation approach PDF
Vittorio Guberti, Laura Stancampiano, Nicola Ferrari 3-8


Will an ancient refuge become a modern one? a critical review on the conservation and research priorities for the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) in the Iberian peninsula PDF
Rita Gomes Rocha, Lucas Armand Wauters, Maria da Luz Mathias, Carlos Fonseca 9-13
Habitat effects on hoarding plasticity in the Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) PDF
Cheng Zong, Suonancuo Mei, Francesca Santicchia, Lucas A. Wauters, Damiano G. Preatoni, Adriano Martinoli 14-17
Inter-specific viral infections: Can the management of captive red squirrel collections help inform scientific research? PDF
Craig Michael Shuttleworth, David James Everest, Colin James McInnes, Andrew Greenwood, Nicholas Lawrence Jackson, Steve Rushton, Robert E Kenward 18-24
Spatial and temporal explorative analysis of sarcoptic mange in Alpine chamois (Rupicapra r. rupicapra) PDF
Sara Turchetto, Federica Obber, Roberto Permunian, Stefano Vendrami, Monica Lorenzetto, Nicola Ferré, Laura Stancampiano, Luca Rossi, Carlo Vittorio Citterio 25-30
Monitoring protocols for the evaluation of the impact of wild boar (Sus scrofa) rooting on plants and animals in forest ecosystems PDF
Stefano Fagiani, Daniele Fipaldini, Luca Santarelli, Sabina Burrascano, Eva Del Vico, Eleonora Giarrizzo, Maurizio Mei, Augusto Vigna Taglianti, Luigi Boitani, Alessio Mortelliti 31-38
Decreased small mammals species diversity and increased population abundance along a gradient of agricultural intensification PDF
Stefania Gentili, Maurizia Sigura, Laura Bonesi 39-44

Short Notes

Effect of wildlife refuges on small carnivores in a hunting area in Mediterranean habitat PDF
Javier Fernández-López, Guillermo Fandos, Luis Santiago Cano, Francisco José García, José Luis Tellería 45-46
Seasonal food habits of the red panda (Ailurus fulgens) in Rara National Park, Nepal PDF
Hari Prasad Sharma, Jon E. Swenson, Jerrold L. Belant 47-50
Winter habitat selection by the European hare (Lepus europaeus) during feeding activity in a farmland area of southern Tuscany (Italy) PDF
Francesco Santilli, Gisella Paci, Marco Bagliacca 51-53
Is the micronucleus test indicative of the chronic exposure to genotoxic agents in all mammals? Implications of the spleen in the results of this test PDF
Silvia Villar 54-55
Fatal long distance roaming of a male bear highlights survival threats to dispersing bears in the Apennines, central Italy PDF
Paolo Forconi, Francesca Davoli, Gianpiero Di Clemente, Massimo Dell’Orso, Ivana Pizzol, Ettore Randi, Paolo Ciucci 56-58
Rediscovery of Mehely's horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus mehelyi) in peninsular Italy PDF
Gianna Dondini, Alessandra Tomassini, Salvatore Inguscio, Emanuela Rossi 59-60
First record of a possibly overlooked impact by alien parrots on a bat (Nyctalus leisleri) PDF
Mattia Menchetti, Riccardo Scalera, Emiliano Mori 61-62

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