Factors affecting harvest on a Brown hare population (Lepus europaeus) in central Italy
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Sett. Ricerca e Studi Faunistici, Ente Produttori Selvaggina - Lazio
Corpo Forestale dello Stato
Publication date: 2000-09-10
Hystrix It. J. Mamm. 2000;11(2)
Abstract Bag data (number of Brown hares shot) related to the 1987 - 1993 period were obtained from the hunting preserve management book (1374 hectares, in central Italy, Lazio Region). The correlation between the daily number of hunting teams, shooting days, and non-hunting days for the same period, was performed by means of correlation and ANOVA tests. A first analysis shows a significant direct correlation between daily catches and the daily number of hunting teams. Further analyses showed that, although the number of teams did not vary within the year taken into account, the mean number of hares shot decreased over the shooting season. Moreover, when considering the entire 7-year period, data showed that, while the number of teams fluctuate from year to year, the number of hares shot remains quite stable. A positive (direct) correlation was found between the yearly number of non hunting days and the number of hares shot in the same year.
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