The Norwegian mammal fauna: status and atlas mapping
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The Norwegian Zoological Society
Publication date: 1996-12-28
Hystrix It. J. Mamm. 1996;8(1-2)
Abstract At least 85 mammal species (including 28 marine species) occur in Norway and Norwegian waters, of which 18 species currently are listed on the Norwegian Red List (Storkersen, 1992). Canis lupus is considered "Endangered", Ursus major, Gulo gulo and Lutra lutra are listed as "Vulnerable", Mustela putorius and Sicista betulina as "Rare", Alopex lagopus as "Indeterminate", and a number of species, mostly bats, are "Insufficiently known". A revised list is under preparation. At least 8 species have reached the country solely through intentional or accidental releases in Norway or neighbouring countries. Many species' distribution are not well known. The Norwegian Zoological Society started a mammal atlas project in 1993, based on squares of 10x10 km. Data collected for this project have also been presented to the EMMA project.
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