Occurrence of false killer whales Pseudorca crassidens pod in the Ligurian Sea and review of Mediterranean records
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Menkab, il respiro del mare APS
DISTAV-Department of Earth, Environment and Life Sciences, University of Genoa
Online publication date: 2021-07-07
Publication date: 2021-07-07
Corresponding author
Biagio Violi   

Menkab, il respiro del mare APS
Hystrix It. J. Mamm. 2021;32(2):186-190
We report the sightings of false killer whales Pseudorca crassidens in the Ligurian Sea in September 2020. A list of 45 records from other sightings, bycatching and strandings is presented. This species is classified as “visitor” in the Mediterranean because of occasional sightings but a lack of breeding records. However, the last sightings in the 2019-2020 with juveniles and calves suggest that this species may reproduce within the Mediterranean. Further studies are needed to improve our knowledge on distribution and movement of the false killer whales.
We are grateful to Niccolo Roccatagliata (Menkab), Alessandro Verga (Golfo Paradiso Whale Watching), Michele Cassinelli (Motonave Creuza da ma), Antoine Drochon and Patrice Garziglia ( and Federico Magione for reporting sightings; Salvatore Romano and Giuseppe Paolillo (WWF), Barbara Mussi (Oceano Mare Delphis), Nicola Maio (University of Naples), Clara Monaco (Marecamp), Oliver Boisseau, Conor Ryan and Anna Moscrop (MCR), Stefania Giglio (Associazione Mare Calabria), Guillherme Estrella (Ocean emotion) and Rui Peres dos Santos (Futurismo Azores Whale Watching) for their personal communications and for sharing insights concerning their respective data sets; Tobia Tudino for proofreading; Oliver Boisseau and an anonymous reviewer for revisions and improvement of the manuscript. We are also grateful to Genoa University and SLAM to fund our research activities, and Bergeggi Marine Protected Area to support Menkab projects.
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