A chromosomal study of two dormouse species from Turkey

Vedat Şekeroğlu, Zülal Atlı Şekeroğlu


The results of a karyological study on the dormice Myoxus glis (2n=62) and Dryomys nitedula (2n=48) from Turkey are presented in this study. The karyotype was analyzed cytogenetically by conventional staining, G- and C-banding techniques and the banding patterns were compared with those from previous works. The C-banded karyotype of M. glis is reported here for the first time. Furthermore, the G- and C-banding patterns are also provided for the first time in Black Sea Region populations in Turkey of the two species. C–banding showed in most autosomes at least faint heterochromatic bands in the centromeric regions in both species. The comparison of our G-banding patterns for these species with those of previous studies showed extensive homology.


Cytogenetics; Dryomys nitedula; Myoxus glis; Turkey

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