News: Best Paper Award

Associazione Teriologica Italiana established a 500 EUR Best Paper Award for young researchers.

Eligible researchers are leading authors less than 35 years old and within 7 years from their PhD (but young researcher at an even earlier stage of their career, i.e. without a PhD, are also eligible), who have expressed interest in the award in the Communications to the Editor box (step 1 of the online submission procedure; for details, see the Electronic Publication Guide).
If the eligible leading researcher is not the corresponding author, the latter should express interest on the leading researcher's behalf.
Criteria are innovation and excellence and impact on the scientific community (e.g., number of citations).
The award will be assigned yearly, in the second semester of the year following that of reference (i.e., Best Paper Award for 2013 will be assigned in the second semester of 2014). The Editorial Committee is responsible to assign the award. A written motivation will be made public on this website.